NEW Pace of Play Guidelines


New guidelines have been adopted at Big Canoe for Pace of Play and
EVERYONE (individuals, groups, members, visitors) who plays is expected
to follow them. They help to improve the experience for every player.
Pace players are expected to follow are:


18-Holes: 4: hrs. 15 min. (4 hrs. 33 min. for cart path only) 
Includes 5 min. at Duffers

9-Holes Choctaw: 2 hrs. 3 min. (2 hrs. 12 min. for cart path only)

9-Holes Cherokee: 2 hrs. 7 min. (2 hrs. 16 min. for cart path only)

Slow groups will be addressed by Marshals in the following way:

First Warning (verbal cordial warning): “You’re falling a bit behind pace;
please do your best to reach the group ahead.”

  • Second Warning (warning with support from pace-of-play matrix):
“You are now 9 minutes behind pace; please do your best to improve or
you may have to skip a hole to reestablish your correct position.”

Third Warning: Your pace of play is now ___ behind schedule.
Unfortunately, I must ask you to pick up your balls and move forward one hole.”

Fourth Warning: “Your pace continues to be too slow and you must
leave the course. Please pick up your balls and follow me to the
Golf Shop. I will arrange for a full refund.”


To further help with maintaining pace, the GPS function on our carts will be turned
on in the coming weeks. This includes a function that shares, with each cart,
where they are relative to pace and their start time.


All WGA members are asked to fully support the new guidelines
with both their words and actions!


Our 2021 season is
well underway!


One Ringer Tournament - COMPLETE


One Wine, Nine, & Dine - COMPLETE


Play Days - FUN, FUN, FUN


Interclub - GO TEAM BC!!

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