The Big Canoe Women's Golf Association is a diverse group of women golfers who play for fun, competition, building new friendships and the pure joy of the game.  Our season runs from April through October. The 9-hole group plays on Mondays, the 18-hole group on Wednesdays. The BCWGA strives to provide something for every woman golfer – from the seasoned competitor to the beginner. 

Our Purpose

(1) To promote the interests of women's amateur golf according to the best traditions of the game.


(2) To encourage sociability and friendship among its members.


(3) To conduct tournaments and organize weekly play days within the groups.


(4) To cooperate with other groups in Georgia in furthering tournament competition.

Pace of Play


Pace of Play is a primary focus for the WGA this season. If you are playing 18-holes, you should be done in close to 4 hours OR
finishing a hole in approximately 13 minutes. If you are playing
9-holes, you should be done in approximately 2 hours.


Pace of play is one of the biggest deterrents some of our members have with playing in our events and play days. We cannot have five-hour 18-hole rounds or three-hour 9-hole rounds.  



We all want to do our best. WGA members are encouraged to help our fellow players and keep the groups moving. This includes reminding one another of best practices and keeping all members of your playing group aware of where you are, in a round, relative to pace of play. 


Please take a few minutes to review these resources:

  • "Goldie Links and the Three Golfers" provides an amusing overview of the topic
  • Golf Advisor Article includes tips to keep the round moving!  It is from 2014 and is targeted to beginners.  If you are a more seasoned golfer - don't let that title steer you away!!  I bet all players can get a helpful reminder or two from the tips!


Thank you in advance for helping the WGA set the standard for Pace of Play in Big Canoe!